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Overflowing river destroyed over 60 houses

Mon Jan 16, 11:50 am

Overflow of the river Amu since last few days has destroyed more than 60 houses in Qarqain district of Jawzjan province and more than 100 other residential units are under threat, local authorities said.

Jawzjan Governor Muhammad Alam Saai warns that if the government does not have a serious step in strengthening the coasts of river Amu, the Qarqain district will be completely destroyed till the next some years.

The Governor said they have repeatedly told all related ministries and institutions about the mentioned issue but so far, no necessary steps have been taken in this regard.

The Governor said in about a week, dozens of homes destroyed and more than one hundred residential units are under threat. So far 160 families have been displaced from their residences.

“I see that the river swallows everything but unable to do something, the Governor said.”

The Qarqain district of Jawzjan is located at the border with Turkmenistan and is isolated from Turkmenistan through the River Amu.

Every year, hundreds of residential homes and lands in Qarqin district are destroyed due to overflow of the river.

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