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Opposition parties want to be included in the peace process with Taliban

Fri Feb 24, 4:05 pm

A coalition of opposition parties gathered on Thursday and said, “The peace process will be inconclusive if Afghans represented by us are not included in the talks with the Taliban.”

While speaking at the gathering, the leader of the Afghan National Front, Ahmad Zia Massoud said, “The war in Afghanistan will continue and we should be prepared for it.”

He said 2014 would be an important year for Afghanistan and the government should take serious measures for taking over the security responsibilities.

The leader of the National Coalition, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, said that peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban would be inconclusive without the company of people and political opponents of the government.

These statements come as talks in Qatar between the government, the international community, and purported Taliban political offices have been reported.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has emphasized the need to include Pakistan in the discussions because of their ability to persuade the Taliban to come to the negotiating table.

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