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Ongoing Quran Protests turned into violence across the country

Fri Feb 24, 4:26 pm

The ongoing protests have been expanding against the desecration of Holy Quran by foreign forces at Bagram Airbase and have become increasingly violent in parts of the country.

Hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the foreign military base in Jalalabad City.  They showed their anger over the Quran burnings by throwing stones at the foreign security forces.

ISAF forces reportedly opened fire on some of the protestors, killing two and wounding ten others.  In response to the ISAF shootings, a National Army soldier opened fire on the ISAF troops, killing two and wounding several others.

In neighboring Laghman province, hundreds of angry protesters threw rocks at security forces; entered into the headquarters of the provincial reconstruction team; and set fire to some of the PRT offices.

In response to these actions of the protestors, security forces also opened fire on the protestors and one man killed and 10 others wounded.

In the similar protests in northern Baghlan province at least one was man killed and four others were injured as Police fired on the protesters.

Angry protesters also turned the demonstration into violence where ten people were injured. But in Badakhshan and Takhar provinces, the protests began peacefully and were ended with issuing a resolution.

According to another report from Uruzgan Province, at least three people were killed and six others were wounded during the protests against Quran burning by foreign forces at Bagram Airbase.

The residents of Helmand, Kunar, Logar, Kapisa provinces also went to the protests but no fatalities or injuries were reported from there.

Although the U.S. high ranking officials including the U.S. President Barrack Obama have apologized to the people of Afghanistan, these have not yet quelled the anger of the Afghans.

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