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Number of Victims from Badakhshan avalanches reaches 43 deaths

Thu Mar 08, 2:20 pm

Shirin-Nazm is one of the remote villages of Shiki district whose 173 residents, including women and children, have been trapped in heavy snow in Badakhshan province.

According to Badakhshan Governor, Shah Waliullah Adeeb, so far 43 dead bodies have been taken out but still 130 people are trapped. Rescue operations are continuing in order to rescue the rest of the trapped people, he added.

“An emergency meeting has been called in this regard but due to the blockage of roads, the rescue and medical teams were forced to route through Tajikistan to the area where people are trapped,” Governor Adeeb said.

Shiki and Nasi are two of the most remote areas of Badakhshan province. Because of heavy snow and avalanches from the mountains, the roads of these two districts are now fully blocked.

The relief assistance that has been provided to these areas has been by helicopter or by using Tajikistan’s routes. The people living in these areas have access have meager access to life facilities. The roads of these two remote areas are always blocked in cold seasons.

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