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Nowruz celebrations in Kabul

Wed Mar 21, 12:27 pm

Hundreds of Afghans on Tuesday took part in Janda Bala (flag-hoisting) ceremony of Nowruz in the Karte-Sakhi area of Kabul.  Nowruz is the New Solar Year, 1391.

On the occasion of Nowruz, the Mayor of Kabul asked the citizens to plant at least one sapling in order to have a clean environment in the city.

Significant numbers of children enjoyed themselves playing games and riding the amusement rides of special fairs during the happy occasion of Nowruz.

Not as many women attended this year’s Nowruz celebration as in recent years.  Still, many thousands of Afghan citizens attended the ceremonies of the beginning of 1391.

Some additional numbers of security forces were deployed in different parts of Kabul in order to maintain law and order during the Nowruz special ceremonies.

The security agencies had ensured the people of tight security arrangements across the country, and there were no adverse security incidents to mar the festive occasion.

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