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No formal Talks yet held with Taliban: US Embassy

Wed Feb 01, 12:47 pm

The US Embassy in Kabul confirmed the US-Taliban contact  but rejected the official peace talks held with Taliban.

James B. Cunningham; Deputy US Ambassador in Kabul said “the Washington has started efforts to achieve peace on regional level but stresses that peace talks with Taliban should be led by the Afghans.

“US has neither started the peace talks and nor failed in it, there are no peace talks between US and Taliban but we have only contacted Taliban to pave the ground for frank talks between Taliban and Afghan government”, Mr. Cunningham said.

Mr. Cunningham stated that after the office made for Taliban in Qatar, this group must cut off their relations with the global terrorism and must support peace talks with the Afghan government.

Mr. Cunningham expressed ignorance about the certain media reports that Afghan government may start peace talks with Taliban in Saudi Arabia but he said that US will support peace whether held anywhere.

“We support all the steps taken by the Afghan government and we have nothing to say where the peace talks are unable to be held the only thing to say is that US supports the peace talks wherever held.” Mr. Cunningham added.

Deputy US Ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. Cunningham rejected all the media reports that US is looking to release the Taliban leader from Guantanamo Bay Prison and said this is a serious and complicated issue and so far, no decision has taken place.

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