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Nimroz police chief killed in IED explosion

Mon Dec 10, 9:51 pm

Nimroz Province chief of Police Colonel Musa Rasooly was killed on Monday morning at the Herat-Kandahar highway by a roadside IED.

Colonel Musa Rasooly had visited Herat City on an official trip and was killed at Adraskan district of Herat Province while returning back to Nimroz.  His vehicle was badly damaged by a roadside IED and one of his guards was also injured in the incident.

Nimroz Province Governor Mohammad Sarwar Sobbat praised Musa Rasooly’s good duty performance, saying that he had attempted effective efforts to bring improved security to Nimroz Province.

Local officials at Nimroz province claim that neighboring countries’ intelligence is behind the Colonel’s assassination.

It is said Mr. Musa Rasooly always accused neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, as being involved in Afghanistan’s insecurity.
Musa Rasooly since year 1982 was one of the faithful individuals to famous Jehadi Commander Ala ud din and among the Mujahideen, he was involved in doing activities against the system that supported Russia and in the past years he was assigned as a Nimroz Province Chief of Police.

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