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Newly-constructed Kandahar Airfield runway, taxiway opened

Thu Jan 31, 12:24 pm

The construction work of a runway and taxiway of Kandahar international airport was completed and opened for use on Wednesday, officials said.

These two sections of Kandahar Airfield were constructed at a sum of 12.5 million Euros and were funded by the NATO forces.

Though, the Kandahar Airfield was built for civilians, currently major parts of this airfield are being used by NATO forces for their military activities.

Alongside using this airfield, the NATO troops have also contributed to its reconstruction after it was severely damaged during war times.

During the opening ceremony of the runway and taxiway of Kandahar international airport, the Afghan minister of transport and civil aviation said these two sections were built in two years at 12.5 million Euros by the financial aid of NATO forces.

The US Ambassador for Afghanistan James Cunningham was also present at the opening ceremony.

The Kandahar Airfield is located in south-east of Kandahar City and was built by the United States in the 1960s.

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