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New draft media law is autocratic: Nai

Tue May 29, 10:30 am

A media supporting agency, Nai, on Monday criticized media law that has been proposed by the Ministry of Information and Culture, saying the increased articles in the new law were unacceptable.

According to the new law, the Minister of Information and Culture would be established as the head of the High Media Council which will determine the national strategy in the field of media activities.

The media council would be comprised of several government officials, the newly proposed media law stated.

The Nai Supporting Open Media agency believes that the law as drafted will result in authoritarian rule that will adversely affect press freedoms.  It says if the new law is approved, the media will come under increased government influence.

Expressing concerns over the new law, Nai Director Siddiqullah Tawhidi said efforts should be made to prevent the approval of new media law by the National Assembly.

The Ministry of Information and Culture had recently published a revised text of the media law where it announced that it was planning to refer the law to the National Assembly for its approval following a general poll.

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