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NATO to discuss long-term support to Afghanistan in Chicago conference: H. Clinton

Fri Apr 06, 4:18 pm

NATO will mainly focus on the next phase security transition process in Afghanistan, at the upcoming Chicago Conference.

While speaking to the military forces in Norfolk city of Virginia State, Mrs. Clinton stressed that the Afghan government will lead all affairs in the country, after the year 2014.

“We expect that the Afghan government would allow a small number of NATO troops to remain in Afghanistan for the training, consultation and assistance of the Afghan security forces and continue to purse anti-terrorism operations”, Mrs. Clinton said.
“NATO also wants to it make clear to the Afghan government, citizens and also to the insurgents that will not abandon Afghanistan”, she added.

She insists that the United States do not want permanent bases in Afghanistan, which may be threat to the neighboring countries.

On the other hand, US military officials report that, “The United States and Afghanistan may sign an agreement that will allow the Afghan forces to lead night raids.  US officials hope that the agreement will sing before Chicago Conference.

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