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NATO helicopter crashes in Kabul

Sat Mar 17, 1:21 pm

A NATO-operated helicopter carrying 10 Turkish soldiers and 2 Afghan interpreters crashed into a house in the Bagrami district of Kabul.  All on board the helicopter were killed as well as at least two residents of the house.

The house was completely destroyed. In additional to the two persons killed inside the house, another person on the ground was wounded.

The ISAF media office has released a statement.  They have confirmed the death of 12 soldiers in a helicopter crash

A police officer who refused to be named said 12 corpses had been recovered from the incident site. He said among the dead, 2 of them are supposed to be Afghan interpreters.

The official said two young girls who had been inside the house had died and another young man had been wounded in the incident.  Eyewitnesses claim 2 additional people were injured in the incident.

According to the eyewitnesses, initially the helicopter struck to a residential block that was about 100 meters far from the incident site but later it crashed into a four-storied house.

The cause of the crash is not clear yet and ISAF officials have started investigation in this regard. They said that there were no known insurgent activities that caused the copter crash.  The cause of the crash was thought to have been technical or mechanical failure.

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