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NATO’s operation is continued in Garshak District

Sun Sep 04, 8:38 am

Inhabitants of Garshak District of Helmand Province said: Operation of NATO Forces has forced them to leave their homes. According to inhabitants; “They are facing many difficulties due to nightly NATO operations. Security officials of Helmand province has confirmed complain of these local people.

Inhabitants of Garshak District said: Operations of NATO forces have been increased in this district while on the other hand; NATO forces don’t inform the National Army about these operations. According to them; they have gotten many damages and they are also being arrested by these NATO forces during operations.

The inhabitants are saying: “If these operations are not stopped, they will be compelled to leave their residence”. Saifullah Rasheedi Police commander of Helmand declared true the claims of inhabitants and said: They have received many complains from other regions of Garshak District also. Police commander added: “We have contacted ISAF forces and we are trying for joint military operations including Afghan Forces to reduce complain of inhabitants”.

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