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Nangarhar orthopedists on strike

Sun Jun 10, 2:12 pm

The orthopedic doctors of the Nangarhar Civil Hospital have gone on strike, protesting lack of staff, resources and suitable workplace.

The orthopedists said they have raised the issues to the provincial health officials for several times times but no effective steps were taken in that regard.

The strikers said they will not resume their duties until their demands are met.

The patients also claim they are not well treated. They say the hospital has limited resources to meet the requirements of the huge number of visiting patients.

Chief of Nangarhar Public Health Department Dr. Baaz Muhammad Sherzad also confirmed the problems, saying the entire hospital was faced with the serious challenges not only the orthopedic department.

He said the Ministry of Finance had allocated minimum budget for the health sector of Nangarhar which have led to the shortage of health services.

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