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Nangarhar governor accused of land grabbing

Tue Apr 03, 2:38 pm

Some tribal elders of Nangarhar Momand Tribes accused Nangarhar governor Gul Agha Shirzai of having links with the land usurpers.

The elders of Momand tribe visited the lower house of the parliament on Monday, claiming that the Nangarhar governor accompanied the land usurpers and has grabbed around 20,000 acres of land in that province.

Some land usurpers, they said, collaborated with the governor and received the decree of the distribution of 1, 200 acres of land plus thousands acres of people’s lands.

They warned, “If the central government does not take necessary measures in this regard, there will be serious consequences.”

The spokesman of Nangarhar governor Mr. Ahmadzia Abdulzai rejected the charges of the governor and said, “These lands are distributed on the basis on central government decrees.”

The claims of land grabbing through land usurpers or Mafia in Afghanistan is not a new debate. The land Mafia and powerful have grabbed thousands acres of land countrywide.

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