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Nahrin District Governor detained in Baghlan

Wed May 30, 11:16 am

The Nahrin district governor in northern Baghlan province was detained along with his security guards after being accused of firing on protestors, security officials said.

The bodyguards of Nahrin district governor Muhammad gull Sharafat opened gunfire on the protestors who rallied against the negligence of the government. During the gunshots by the security guards, two of the protestors were killed and two others were wounded.

Baghlan Police Chief Syed Zamanuddin Hussaini said they had detained Sharafat along with his bodyguards to bring them to justice.

In another case, the security forces had arrested 5 burglars who caused insecurity in Baghlan-Salang and Salang-Samangan highways, he said, adding two police were suspended after being charged with abusing their police authority.

Hussaini ensured there was no security anxiety in the highways from Kabul to the north of the country as the police patrols were underway.

This comes as many passengers and drivers complain of lootings while making the trip from Kabul to the northern areas.

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