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MPs welcome UN Security Council actions regarding Pakistan’s missile attacks

Sun Sep 23, 2:28 pm

The MPs in the Wolesi-Jirga expressed their support for the actions of the Ministry of Foreign affairs to report the Pakistan missile attacks to the United Nations Security Council.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zalmay Khalil Zad advised the United Nation Security Council summit that the missile attacks from Pakistan into the tribal regions of Afghanistan were taking a heavy toll on the Afghan people in Kunar and other border regions.  He addressed the UNSC on Thursday at the UN in New York City.

The MPs of the Lower House, Shukria Barekzai and Najibullah Paikan, stated their appreciation for the Foreign Affairs actions on the issue and issued a statement requesting of the United Nation Security Council to recognize the legitimacy of the complaint in their upcoming agenda.

The cross-border attacks by Pakistan have been ongoing for one and half years, during which time a great deal of damage has occurred and many casualties have been inflicted on the people of the eastern part of Afghanistan.

Though all the channels have been tried, the Government of Afghanistan has not yet been able to stop or prevent the continuation of the attacks.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country has said the mutual negotiations have failed, leaving the only viable option for resolving the issue diplomatically to a complaint process with the United Nations Security Council.

A number of MPs in the Wolesi-Jirga criticized other MPs for taking back their signatures for Interpellation of the Minister of Culture and Information.

The Minister of Culture and Information, Sayed Makhdon Raein, was intended to be brought up for interpellation but some of the MPs withdrew their signature in order to not permit interpellation.

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