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MPs criticizes Afghan foreign minister to visit Qatar

Thu Apr 05, 5:23 pm

The visit of Afghan foreign minister to the Taliban’s Qatar office has undermined the legitimacy Afghan government, representatives of the lower house said.

The establishment of Taliban representative office in Qatar, where the Afghan Embassy exists is surprising and questionable, these lawmakers added.

Afghan Lawmaker Shukria Barakzai says, “Two political representatives of a government in a country is a big question on the legitimacy of Afghan government”.

“If this is peace process, than why not the officials of peace committee or peace council visit that the foreign minister visited”, she added.

Meanwhile, the first deputy of the house, Zahir Qadir called the visit as an illegal one and said, “The minister of foreign minister should be summoned to the house of the representatives to brief the house about his visit and some other political issues”.

The deputy foreign minister Jawid Ludin said, “The foreign minister Qatar visit aimed to discuss the establishment of Taliban representative office with Qatar government and no Taliban office has been established yet”.

“The Afghan government started the discussion over the establishment of the Taliban office with Qatar government, after the US agreed that the peace talks should be led by the Afghan government,” Mr. Ludin added.

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