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MP Homa Sultani claims to host Mullah Omar

Sun Oct 23, 2:03 pm

MP Homa Sultani once again claimed that Taliban leader Mullah Omar is at her home but the Afghan government has not decided to talk with him.

She said President Karzai has made several promises to her for being quiet.

ATN reporter Musafir Qoqandi reported that:

MP Homa Sultani, representative of Ghazni Province in National Assembly, after lots of efforts succeeded to get the right of speech from house administration.

She insists on her previous claims regarding Mullah Omar’s presence at her home and added that she has proofs and documents in this regard.

Mrs Sultani accused President Karzai of offering her bribes.

This discussion of Mrs. Sultani had harsh reactions from various MPs, especially speaker of the house.

Our reporter could not succeed to have the views of National Directorate of Security regarding Homa Sultani’s statements.

Earlier, Homa Sultani had claimed many times that Mullah Omar stays at her home.

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