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More than 2, 000 unemployed will provide literacy and vocational training in Baghlan

Fri Apr 13, 11:16 am

The literacy and vocational training program is organized and supported by an international organization and men and women are participating in it, officials of Baghlan Labor, Martyr, disabled and Social Affairs said.

More than 2, 000 people including young and aged men and women, who had received 18 months literacy training program in Baghlan province, are  now included in vocational training program of an international organization, official added.

According to Mr. Muhammad Latif Naubahari, head of UN Habitat in northern Baghlan province and Mr. Taj Muhammad, official of Baghlan professional and vocational training department, these people will be learned 50 career trainings within next few months.

Presidents of some development councils in the northern Baghlan province called these vocational trainings as short term programs, but the people who have graduated from the literacy courses are very pleased that they are literate.

The officials believe that the vocational trainings is one of the main way to avoid economic problems.

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