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Mishrano Jirga condemns Pakistani Rocket attacks

Mon Oct 17, 1:31 pm

The Afghan senate once again condemned Pakistani and Iranian rocket attacks over Afghan territory and asked the government to use its authority to protect the Afghan soil.

Some of the members of Upper House accused Iran of interfering in Afghan military, cultural and religious matters which are against of Afghan sovereignty.

Iran on last Wednesday has fired at least seven mortars on an Afghan controversial village. As reported, at least one child was killed and one other wounded.

General session of Mishrano Jirga on Sunday 16th Oct was dedicated to the Iranian rocket attacks over Afghan soil.

Afghan senator Samkanai said:

“Iran is interfering apparently in the internal affairs of Afghanistan”.

Hidayatullah Rehai another senator said:

Iran and Pakistan are concerned about the Afghan-US strategic alliance and they intervene in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Chairman Senate Fazal Hadi Muslimyar asked the government to prevent rocket attacks of neighbour countries and to protect its sovereignty.

In a telephonic conversation with Ariana Television Network, the Press representative of Iranian Embassy in Kabul, denied the intervention of his country in Afghan affairs and said.

Recently the tension was raised between Iranian authorities and local residents of Nimroz Province but now they are resolved.

Now about one million Afghan refugees are living in Iran.

Iran has been repeatedly accused of assisting armed rebels in Afghanistan but this country has rejected the accusations.

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