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Ministry of Commerce to jointly import oil with private sectors

Mon Jan 16, 11:57 am

Private sectors are given shares in the import of 1.5 million tons of oil from Iran and Russia that enables them to reduce the oil prices for the citizens, said the officials of oil department of Ministry of Commerce.

Ministry of Commerce has taken this step to reduce the petroleum prices in the country but a number of vendors and Kabul residents say until price control system not implemented seriously, decline in the prices would be impossible.

Meanwhile the assigned commission by the Attorney General, NDS and Ministry of Commerce to oversight the oil prices in the markets said about 34 gas shops have been blocked for overcharging the consumers. The commission told to continue their monitoring for the control of oil prices in the market till the end of winter season.

Recently, extraordinary increases in oil and gas prices in the country have created many problems for people especially for Kabul residents.

Although the Ministry of Commerce has taken several steps to control the oil prices but still the rates are up in the markets.

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