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Mehmood Karzai rejects being Kabul Bank debtor

Fri May 25, 11:30 am

The Kabul Bank’s audit committee chief during the Parliamentary session on Wednesday once again had announced the names of Kabul Bank debtors who failed to clear their accounts.

The Audit Committee Chief Abdul Hameed Mohabbi told the MPs that the names of 24 people were included in the list of Kabul Bank debtors in which President Karzai’s brother Mehmood Karzai was also among them.

But President Karzai’s brother has rejected the statements, saying he had already cleared his accounts and was not debtor to Kabul Bank.

Not only rejecting Mohabbi’s statements, Karzai also accused the government of corruption, saying widespread corruption existed inside government agencies which have led several other cases to be unsolved.

Kabul Bank was one of the largest private sectors which went to huge financial crises after it distributed unauthorized loans mostly to its shareholders.

Though the government stepped to recover the Kabul Bank loans, but so far the efforts have remained futile.

Recently, President Karzai had ordered to establish a special tribunal for the recovery of loans from Kabul bank shareholders and debtors.

The tribunal is expected to be created within few days, but the Finance Minister, who had appeared before the House of Representatives, asked for the early establishment of the tribunal.

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