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Massive operation against Taliban to start in Nawa: Ghazni governor

Fri Jan 06, 6:44 pm

Local officials in Ghazni province report about starting a massive military operation against armed militants in Nawa district.

Ghazni Governor Mohammad Musa Akbarzada said that they are planning to start a joint military operation with NATO forces to clear Nawa district from the presence of armed insurgents.

NAWA district have been under Taliban control since last four years. The district is located in south of Ghazni province; near Pakistan border and is a strategic area for Taliban.

Taliban mostly planned all attacks from that region and also used Nawa as their supply route, said Mr. Akbarzada.

The governor also said that the operation will continue untill the area has been cleared from Taliban presence and destruction of their bases.

Ghazni province has 18 districts and most of them are insecure and Taliban have bases in some  of the districts.

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