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Massive commando operation begins in Nuristan

Sat Apr 14, 2:06 pm

Afghan Special Forces on Thursday night have launched major land and air operations against the armed insurgents in Kamdesh district of eastern Nuristan province.

The forces have pushed the Taliban militants back from Kamdesh district and about 400 police forces were supporting the National Commando Forces during the operations, said Muhammad Zarin the spokesperson of Nuristan’s Governor.

So far, during the operations, about 25 Taliban militants have been killed and many others including two commando forces have been wounded. These operations are led by the Afghan Army soldiers and are being supported aerially by the international forces.

The operations would continue until the Kamdesh and Bargematal districts were not fully cleared of militants, security officials said.

Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirms only the killing of 8 Taliban members, claiming 30 Afghan and international forces have been killed and wounded in the clashes.

The Taliban’s spokesman has claimed that a number of civilians were the victims of bombardments by the international forces but the Nuristan officials reject the claims, saying only Taliban bases were targeted in the region.

Kamdesh is one of the bordering districts with Pakistan that is mostly controlled by the Taliban militants. The Taliban are using the district for their traffic and have disturbed the lives of the local residents.

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