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Many Jihad figures and tribal elders are not doing enough in maintaining peace: Fahim

Thu Jun 14, 2:31 pm

During the opening ceremony of newly-constructed building for the High Office of Audit in Kabul, Vice President Mohammad Qasim Fahim said many of the Jihadi figures and tribal elders are not doing enough to maintaining peace as they were not assigned government jobs.

It is the government’s responsibility to invite the rebels to the peace process and serve justice, Fahim said.

Addressing the ceremony, the Vice President admitted still the failure exist despite considerable works have been done over the last ten years in Afghanistan.

Peace and anti-corruption drive were the two important pillars for the progress in the country, Fahim said, more efforts needed to invite the insurgents into the peace process.

During the inaugural ceremony, the head of High Office of Audit, Sharif Sharifi, said his office during the last ten years had been able to perfectly manage its affairs in accordance to the international standards.

Sharifi said based on the plans every year about one thousand central and provincial agencies were being audited and their reports are being referred to the Attorney General Office.

Corruption is one of the important challenges which have always overshadowed the relations between Kabul and its allies. The international partners of Kabul have always been asking for serious combat against corruption in Afghanistan’s government offices.

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