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Legal and judicial institutions must take fight against corruption seriously

Sun Apr 01, 6:43 pm

Justice cannot be fully implemented in Afghanistan until the corruption that exists in the legal and judicial institutions is eliminated, according to Mr. Wadir Safi, Executive Director of the National Legal Training Center.

While criticizing the wide spread administrative corruption in legal and judicial institutions, Mr. Safi said, “The fight against administrative corruption requires equal enforcement of the law.”
Muhammad Qasim Hashemzai, senior advisor of the Ministry of Justice, said, “Low capacity in legal and judicial institutions is the main cause of corruption in the country. If the attorneys and employees of legal institutions are well trained, laws would not be violated in the country anymore,” he said.
The Independent Center for Legal Education began the 4th round of legal training for university graduates of law and theology.  Employees of the Ministry of Justice and of the Attorney General’s Office are also receiving this training.

The center offers a 9 month training course for 200 people annually.  After the completion of training, the trainees can start their professional works without any intern period.

The center has also launched legal training during 2009 and 2010. So far, 500 people have completed their legal training at this center.

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