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Last terrorist’s base was seized by security forces in Badakhshan Province

Thu Sep 15, 2:20 pm

Officials of security forces said:

At least 3 armed insurgents including 5 foreigners were killed in last 24 hours in a military operation.

Many weapons and ammunitions were also recovered by security forces.

Abdul Saboor Nusrati Badakhshan’s chief of Police said:

The last base of armed insurgents in “Tagab” District of this province was dominated by security forces.

The recent operations that had begun by U.S. Special Forces and Afghan forces, was ended early Wednesday and at least 23 Taliban Militants including one commander were killed and 15 others were arrested.

One of the arrested Taliban leaders says:

“The salaries of commanders of their groups were paid by Pakistan”.

Local officials say:

No more terrorist’s bases exist in this district after this operation.

Governor of this province also confirmed that; there isn’t any terrorists’ base remained in this district.

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