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Lack of local police in the Shahwali Kot district of Kandahar Province

Tue Nov 22, 1:10 pm

If the number of local police in Shahwali Kot district were not raised, the security may disturb once more, police officials in Shahwali Kot district, Kandahar province said.

The number of local police estimated for this district is not enough because Shahwali Kot is a big district and has facing certain security threats, Shahwali Kot district security commander Pacha Khan said.

Currently they have maintained the security of this district but may not continue to maintain the security with current number of local police, he added.

Despite of public believe in police, the number of local police is limited, he added.

General Abdul Razaq, acting security commander of Kandahar province confirming the mention issue said that the local police will increased by 80% within next 2 months.

It’s in a time that Gen. John Allen; NATO general commander in Afghanistan called the current security situation in Afghanistan has improved.

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