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Konar residents complain night house searches

Tue Dec 27, 11:33 am

The local residents of Sarkano district of eastern Konar province gathered in front of provincial council building and protested night raids and home searches by national and international forces.

These residents claimed that local and foreign forces besides irritating people, also take their precious things with them.

These protestors asked the government to stop these night raids and homes searches otherwise they will be compelled to lift up their weapons.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hassan Adil; Chief of Konar provincial council confirmed these claims and said they will discuss the issue with government and NATO officials.   He warned that major problems may rise if these operations are continued.

“Unfortunately, national army, border police and foreign troops have irritated people with their night raids. We will support the citizens until their demands are not responded positively, Mr. Hassan added.”

On the other hand, Shah Mahmood; Sarkano District Chief said some Afghan and foreign forces have been deployed in the area and they carry out night raids.

These protests come as president Karzai recently demanded for suspension of such operations and home searches by foreign troops.

Recently, President Karzai stated that if foreign forces continue their night raids and house searches, they may not sign the strategic deal with US.

On the other hand, international troops stressed on importance of these operations and said these operations may continue till Afghan forces become capable to maintaining peace and security.

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