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Kandahar massacre site residents claim more than one soldier killed civilians

Wed Mar 14, 5:50 pm

Kandahar massacre site residents told the government investigation team on Tuesday that the 16 civilians killed Sunday morning had been killed by a group of American soldiers.

Initially it was reported that just one NATO-led US soldier had killed the civilians but the massacre site residents claim the slayings were carried out by a group of American forces.

Early Sunday this week, 16 innocent civilians were brutally killed when a NATO soldier opened fire at three houses in Zangabad region of Panjwae district, one of the most populated districts of southern Kandahar province.

The President Karzai’s probe team stressed that there would be a thorough investigation and that the killer or killers would be brought to justice.

The investigation team was attacked by some unidentified gunmen during the last moments of their meeting with the local residents. There was an exchange of firing between the security forces and militants which lasted about 10 minutes.

During the clash, one ANA soldier was killed and three others including a civilian were wounded.

On their return to Kabul, the government probe team said that they would present their investigation report to President Karzai.

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