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Kabul residents protest Hazara killings in Pakistan

Sat May 05, 12:56 pm

Hundreds of Kabul residents on Friday rallied to protest the series of target killings of Hazara tribe in Quetta City in northwestern Pakistan.

The protestors claimed the Pakistani government had kept silence regarding the target killings in the Hazara community continuing since many years at Quetta City, the provincial capital of Baluchistan province.

According to the protestors, the Hazara genocide has intensified during the past month with almost 150 people of the Hazara tribe having been killed.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (a band sectarian group) has repeatedly claimed responsibilities for such killings. Recently, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik had also confirmed that the Jhangvi group was involved in killing Hazara community members living at Quetta City of Pakistan.

The protesters chanting anti-Pakistani government slogans said the government of Pakistan was responsible for providing security to the residents. They said if serious steps were not taken, the Pakistani Hazara people would lift weapons in order to defend themselves.

The protestors asked Pakistan’s Supreme Court to bring the perpetrators of the attacks on Hazara community to trial.

The protestors also asked the United Nations (UN) and International Criminal Court (ICJ) to examine the killing of Hazara residents in Pakistan.

Similar protests against the killing of Hazara tribe in Pakistan were also carried in Bamyan and Daikundi provinces of Afghanistan as well as in some others cities in the world.

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