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Kabul residents are worried about gas prices

Sun Nov 13, 1:38 pm

A number of Kabul residents complain about increase in propane gas prices since last week. They said that recently one KG gas is sold in 100 Afghani in Kabul city.

Officials of Commerce ministry and Afghanistan chamber of commerce confirming the issue said that they will act immediately to decrease the rates of propane gas and other burning materials.

ATN reporter Musafir Qoqandi report:

Kabul residents face many problems during the winter season. Although the weather is not so cold and no snowfall seemed yet but the prices of gas and fuel has increased.

These record gas prices have reached to its peak.

Kabul residents are worried about the recent situation and demand the officials to control the prices of gas and fuel.

An official Taufeeq Dawari and Commerce and industry ministry spokesperson Wahidullah Ghazi are trying for possible efforts to control the gas prices.

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