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Kabul Municipality to confront land usurpers

Fri Feb 10, 4:11 pm

“Kabul Municipality will never retreat from the implementation of the Rule of Law, and the Rule of Law will prevail in Afghanistan’s capital”, said Kabul Mayor Muhammad Younus Noandesh.

“Those who have usurped the properties in Kabul that belong to others are now being seriously confronted with this institution and the municipality will use any necessary power for law enforcement in the capital to assert the rule of Law,” Mr. Noandesh added.

“The problem of land usurpation of government properties is an old problem that has been around for at least two decades”, said Mr. Noandesh.

According to reports received at the Mayor’s office, thousands of acres of land have been usurped by powerful people in Kabul.  Land parcels have then been sold by them in the form of residential settlements.

Government officials have repeatedly been asked to prevent such cases and to arrest land mafias but it seems that the problem still exists.

Experts believe that if the government doesn’t take the land usurpers to trial, the government may soon face a major crisis which will create opportunities for rebel groups to carry out their insurgent activities.

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