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Kabul Municipality requires $1 billion dollars for Kabul projects

Wed Feb 29, 12:23 pm

The Mayor of Kabul called for funding of about a billion dollars from the World Bank to provide for completion of a number of important projects for Kabul Municipality.

During an official visit to United States; Kabul Mayor Muhammad Younis Nawandesh said, “These projects include planting trees around Kabul, construction of residential blocks, and sewage systems which will bring a significant and positive change for Kabul City”.

While meeting with World Bank officials, the Mayor requested continued financial support for the reconstruction and renovation of Kabul City.

According to Mr. Noandesh, Kabul Municipality has planned different developmental projects, such as planting trees, construction of residential blocks for homeless people, construction of some tunnels to avoid traffic jam, creation of irrigation and sewage systems and to provide facilities to collect garbage and recycle for environmental protection, adding the Kabul Municipality requires about 1 billion dollars to quickly implement these projects.

According to Mr. Noandesh, the World Bank officials have promised their assistance and may send a delegation to Kabul to closely examine the proposed projects.

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