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Joint regional cooperation to fight Narcotics

Tue Nov 29, 12:36 pm

Despite the maximum efforts of the ministry over the last ten years, its achievements have been negligible in the region and the world, officials said.

Minister for Anti Narcotics Zarar Ahmad Moqbil Osmani in a tripartite meeting of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan emphasized to jointly combat narcotics.

The fifth round of the Trilateral Meeting between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan was held in Kabul by the cooperation of United Nation’s Office of drug control.

The meeting of representatives of three countries to prevent the cultivation and drug trafficking, increase in anti-drug troops to their borders and build a center for the joint program to combat this phenomenon was discussed, Mr. Moqbil added.

He praised the countries’ joint fight against drugs, acknowledged that Afghanistan alone cannot fight this phenomenon.

According to the new report published poppy cultivation in Afghanistan increased by 51% and this country is that largest drug manufacturer in the world.

Annually poppy cultivation and smuggles have billion dollars of income which is mostly gained by the anti-government oppositions.

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