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Joint Military operations started in Shah Joi and Norak regions of Zabul

Sat Aug 27, 8:10 am

The authorities of Zabul Province reported about joint military operation in some areas of Zabul Province. According to these officials, this operation started from yesterday in Shah joi and Norak regions of Zabul Province and so far two Taliban militants are arrested with some weapons. Fazl Ahmad Sherzad Chief of Zabul Police said: “These operations are started with the cooperation of NATO forces in the unsafe regions of Zabul Province”.

He said: These operations are launched in Musa zai and noorak regions and still continued. Mr. Sherzad said: “So far Afghan Forces have arrested two Taliban Militants and some weapons in this operation”. Shah Joi is one of the most unsafe districts of Zabul Province in which daily clashes used to occur between Taliban and security forces

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