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ISAF Troops evacuate Nauzad district of Helmand

Mon May 21, 11:47 am

ISAF Forces have left Nauzad district of southern Helmand province, local officials said.

Helmand Police Chief Abdul Nabi Elham said though the Nauzad district was not included in the third phase of security transition, the decision was made by the local agencies.

Security forces were able to provide security to the Nauzad residents thus the ISAF officials were demanded to leave the district, Elham stressed.

Meanwhile, an ISAF general commander said they had left Nauzad district in coordination with the local agencies. He said the forces would be deployed to the other insecure regions in Helmand.

Nauzad district is located 130km far from Lashkargah City, the provincial capital of Helmand province. About three years ago during an operation Nauzad district was cleared of militants and came under National Forces control.

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