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ISAF to take special measures for the safety of their troops

Tue Apr 03, 2:44 pm

Seventeen foreign soldiers have been killed by their counterpart Afghan security forces in 10 separate incidents, ISAF spokesman Gen. Carsten Jacobson said on Monday.

While talking to a press conference in Kabul, ISAF spokesman Gen.  Jacobson said, “ISAF has taken special measures to secure their troops from such incidents.”

According to Gen. Jacobson, “The level of such incidents can be decreased by strengthening the intelligence activities of the Afghan security forces.”

“ISAF and Afghan security forces are jointly trying to decrease the level of these threats because Afghan security forces are also facing these threats and have suffered significant loses”, Gen. Jacobson added.

ISAF officials are taking measures for the safety of their soldiers at this time because of the increases in the number of attacks by Afghan security forces on national and international soldiers.

Gen. Jacobson also spoke about the recruitment of Afghan forces and said, “The recruitment process of Afghan national forces has been well organized.  The hiring of undesirable people into the ranks of the Afghan army has been mostly prevented”.

Meanwhile, NATO’s civilian spokesman, Dominick Medley said, “The International community will make specific commitments with Afghanistan during the Chicago conference on Afghanistan, which is going is to be held in May 2012”.

“The process of transferring security responsibilities and the Afghanistan situation beyond 2014 will also be discussed in the Chicago conference,” he added.

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