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ISAF rejects Taliban’s infiltration into ANA ranks

Wed Jan 25, 1:08 pm

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) rejected armed Taliban’s infiltration into Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers and said that ANA recruitment process is transparent and clear.

ISAF officials said that the ANA recruitment process has eight stages and all feathers of a candidate are well examined during the process.

ISAF Spokesperson Gen. Carsten Jacobson, while talking at a press conference yesterday in Kabul, said that investigation are continued to clarify the reasons of French Troops killed by ANA soldier in Kapisa province.

Gen. Jacobson said, “This incident will not affect the relations between International troops and Afghan National Army”.

2011 was the year of achievements for NATO and Afghan Forces where most of the Taliban influenced areas were cleared of its militants, Mr. Jacobson added.

Recently an Afghan soldier attacked the French troops in Kapisa province where about 4 French soldiers were killed and nearly 20 others wounded. In another similar case, also an Afghan soldier attacked the other French soldiers where two of French troops wounded.

Following to these events, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced the suspension of all French troops activities and military operations in Afghanistan.

However, ISAF and Afghan Government have repeatedly rejected insurgents influence into ANA soldiers but the repetition of such events has intensified the gossips about insurgent’s infiltration into the ranks of security forces.

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