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Iranian Ambassador’s remarks unacceptable: Parliament

Tue May 08, 11:30 am

The Afghan Parliament on Monday denounced the recent remarks of the Iranian Ambassador in Kabul regarding the Afghan-US strategic pact, saying it was a diplomatic violation and unacceptable for them.

A number of Afghan senators said the Iranian Ambassador in Kabul during his recent meeting with Afghan Chairman Senate has asked them not to approve the strategic agreement with the United States which was recently signed between the Head of two countries.

The demand of the Iranian Ambassador to reject the Afghan-US pact has provoked the anger of the Afghan Parliamentarians.

According to the Senators, Iran has warned of a strong backlash if the Afghan Parliament approved the long-term cooperation agreement with the United States.

The Speaker of Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of the Parliament) Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi said in Monday’s sessions the remarks of the Iranian officials illustrate an overt intervention of Tehran in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.  He urged the Foreign Ministry to call the Iranian Ambassador to the State Department.

The Afghan government especially the Foreign Affairs Ministry had already ensured the Afghan-US pact would never harm any country especially the neighbors.

This comes as the Afghan government has announced that it will send the Afghan-US agreement soon to the Parliament for the approval.

Along with the Iranian government, Russia, China and Pakistan had also expressed their opposition to the long-term strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the United States.

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