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International forces are winning the war against Taliban

Mon Sep 12, 1:06 pm

Just ten years ago, terrorist groups hijacked four airplane and targeted America’s large cities, besides huge financial damages, at least 3000 people lost their lives.

These attacks caused International Community’s attention focused on Afghanistan, but the question is.

A decade passed, but what the changes came in Afghanistan?

Taliban escaped from Afghanistan after the launch of US military operation, creation of new governance structure, establishment of temporary offices, and creation of constitution and presence of International and NATO forces to provide security in Afghanistan.

Within the past ten years, 4 National elections have been held in Afghanistan which let the people to choose and elect their leaders.

Ahmad Saeed a political analyst said:

Although International community began their war against terrorisms in Afghanistan after the 9/11 event, but still the obligation of International Community to bring peace in Afghanistan, is not resulted yet.

Ahmad Saeed added:

After ten years not only the situation has not improved in Afghanistan, Rather Taliban and Al Qaeda is still a serious threat to the system.

Meanwhile John Allen the NATO commander in Afghanistan, regarding the 9/11 event told that:

“International forces are winning the war against Taliban”.

He added:

We have been able to tack back the insurgents. And we can say that we are going to win the war against insurgents.

Zulmai Rasool Afghan Foreign Minister said:

The event of 9/11 brought Afghan and US people nearer.

He added:

“Although, ten years have been passed but still Afghanistan is having big challenges”.

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