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International Drug Control Summit to be held in Vienna

Wed Feb 15, 1:19 pm

France and Russia will jointly host an international drug control summit on Thursday 16 February in Vienna, Austria.  The summit will review methods of effectively preventing drug production and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

Representatives of more than 50 countries and dozens of international institutions will participate.

This meeting comes as both the Afghanistan and International Community have not yet succeeded in overcoming the problems of drug cultivation and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

The French Foreign Minister, Allan Juppe, expressed hope that the conference will provide a coherent understanding of the global efforts being used to combat narcotics abuse in such difficult conditions.

While considering the cultivation and distribution of illegal drugs as a global challenge, an official of the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics said,  “the people from abroad come to this country to process the drug production in Afghanistan.”

“The international drug Mafia annually acquires about $70 billion dollars in drug-related profits while the Afghan farmers get only 3%,” said the spokesman of the Counter Narcotics Ministry.

The Ministry says Afghanistan will present a new plan to the participating countries in the international summit on how to combat drug cultivation and trafficking.

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