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International Democracy Day was celebrated by Afghan Lower House

Tue Sep 20, 1:59 pm

Speaker of Lower House says:

Democracy is the system which raises public awareness and Afghan people should have a democratic country.

Meanwhile, number of MPs said:

The participation of people in the last election showed that they are willing for Democracy in the country but some countries and groups ignore this fact.

A number of House members, journalists and students participated in this event.

Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi called Democracy, a prosperous and comfortable way for the public.

DEMOCRACY should be institutionalized in Afghanistan and this is possible at the time when the religious and national beliefs of people are given attention.

Speaker of the house stressed that:

“The Afghan people deserve to have a good government in the country”.

Fouzai Kofi another member of the parliament said:

To accomplish Democracy in Afghanistan, Separation of powers must be respected.

The UN representative in Afghanistan, Stephen Dymstra expressed hope in a message that “the parliamentary election dispute keeps negative affect over Democracy in the country so, it should be ended by the responsible institutions of Afghanistan”.

15 September is marked as an International Democracy Day. On 8th September 2007, Qatar Demanded United Nations for an official Day to respect In Democracy worldwide.

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