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International community’s promise to support and Karzai’s promise for reforms in Afghanistan

Thu Dec 08, 2:09 pm

International community and Afghan government pledged to establish a strong and legal system in Afghanistan.

On basis of Bonn declaration, international community and Afghan government should work together for good governance, security improvement, promotion of peace talks, social and economic development and regional cooperation.

International community also promised for training, equipping and capacity building of Afghan security forces after the transition period.

Afghan government promised for extra efforts for law enforcement and fighting corruption.

According to Bonn declaration, the Afghan government agencies must try to increase basic civil and economic services to Afghan nation and facilitate their basic needs.

The participants of Bonn Conference stressed that Afghan government should focus on sovereignty, stability, desist from violence, breaking links with international terrorism, respect Afghan constitution including human rights, especially women rights articles.

Meanwhile, experts called Bonn conference a great opportunity for Afghanistan and stressed that the promises of conference are fruitless until the government make a proper strategy.

If government does not obtain necessary strategy for prevention of terrorism, countering narcotics, controlling administrative corruption the commitments of Bonn conference will be useless, university professor Jafar Kohestani said.

Now, Afghan government is the opportunely and must plan to take its benefits, Kohestani added.

Afghan government is failed to bring reforms and do not want to take steps to bring reforms in system, Kabul university professor Ahmad Zia Refat said.

According to him, good governance, calls for political departments, political empowerment   and effective administration are Afghanistan’s current challenges.

Foreign ministers and diplomats of 85 countries and 15 representatives of United Nations participated in second Bonn Conference. The conference ended by announcing a declaration that has 6 parts and 33 articles.

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