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International Community’s commitment favors Afghan interest

Mon Nov 14, 1:51 pm

Signing the strategic agreement with United States, Afghanistan politics would obtain strong political support.

Various analysts say that the long-term assistance of international community to Afghanistan will ensure peace and stability in the region and will prevent intervene of neighboring countries in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Most residents of capital also declare the presence of International Troops in Afghanistan after 2014 in favor of Afghanistan.

Beside U.S troop’s preparation of withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2014, mutual talks on strategic deals regarding U.S future assistance are going on between Kabul and Washington.

Although the details regarding strategic alliance discussion between both sides are not disclosed yet but Sanjer Sohail (writer) and Omar Sharifi (political expert) consider that the military and security cooperation, economic assistance and development of infrastructure in Afghanistan and social and cultural relations between U.S and Afghanistan are the parts of this agreement and it will be for the benefits of Afghanistan.

The main question raised is, what the Afghan nation think about the strategic agreement between U.S and Afghanistan?

Traditional Loya Jirga is considered to be held within next two days where two thousand and thirty representatives from all over the country including Afghan refugees from abroad will participate.

The main agenda of this Loya Jirga is to discuss and make final decisions on U.S-Afghan strategic deals, maintaining relations with the Western countries and peace process with Taliban.

Loya Jirga will make it clear that whether the Afghan people can make decisions in this regards and will the government implement them.

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