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Interior Minster visits Kunar Province

Tue Jan 03, 12:36 pm

Interior Minister in his visit to eastern Konar Province said necessary steps have been taken to solve the problems of police forces and also equip them with advanced weapons.

Afghan Interior Minister Bismillah Muhammadi while speaking to police officers in Konar province said although Konar is frontier province and possibility of security incidents also exists but the police managed to prevent excessive entrance of armed insurgents to the country.

According to the Minister, the security in Manogai district that International troops left a year ago shows the abilities of Afghan security forces.

Meanwhile, Konar Governor Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi asked the Interior Minister to increase the number of border forces in Konar province.

Seventy percent of police now has the ability to prevent any security incident, the Governor said.

The Minister also awarded honorary medals to those soldiers and officers who played active role in preventing security incidents.

Konar is among the bordering provinces to Pakistan and has always been used for traffic purposes of armed insurgents. The movement of these insurgents can be prevented by increasing the number of security forces and equipping them with advanced weapons.

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