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Increase in poppy cultivation in Helmand

Sun Nov 20, 1:27 pm

Poppy cultivation has increased in the government sites in Helmand province.

Poppy is mostly cultivated in this season and the most farmers are busy in poppy cultivation as the in the government lands confiscated by the people.

A number of provincial officials yesterday in the program of public awareness about the drug harms asked for additional security forces in the districts.

According to Nade Ali District Chief, Right now, the poppy cultivation is continuing in about one hundred thousand acres of government plains.

The plains extending to other districts even Farah Province and security forces of Nade Ali district alone can’t prevent the poppy cultivation.

Fighting drug is every one’s task and they have decided to arrest all poppy perpetrators and imprison them, said Helmand Police Chief Muhammad Hakim Angar.

Until now a number of farmers who would cultivate poppy have been arrested, he added.

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