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Inauguration of 20 km road Ghazni province

Thu Apr 05, 5:10 pm

20 kilometers roads of central Ghazni province have been reconstructed and opened for transportation.  It is said that 92 kilometers roads of this province will be reconstructed by 2013.

“The provincial government is trying to prepare the city as the center of Islamic Civilization by 2013, with the implementation of development projects”, Ghazni local officials said.

But, local residents’ complaints of low quality materials used in the construction of city roads and said that the newly constructed roads are destroyed within one year.

Ghazni governor, Muhammad Musa Akbarzada accepts these people claims and said, “From now onwards, the quality of the construction projects will be monitored and the construction companies will be forced to restore the damaged roads”.

“The reconstruction projects will be doubled this year”, the governor added.

Provincial officials’ talked about the reconstruction projects in Ghazni province since the city is going to be named “the center of Islamic Civilization” in 2013. But most cultural experts and Ghazni residents believe that the city is still not ready to receive this title.

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