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ICRC’s employees to face serious threats in Afghanistan

Tue Oct 04, 1:41 pm

Officials of International Committee of the Red Cross say:

This committee is facing serious challenges in provision of health services in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile officials of Afghan Red Crescent Society, In order to better coordinate the activities of charitable institutions in Kabul, held a meeting with International Committee of the Red Cross on Monday 3rd Oct.

Musafir Qoqandi ATN reporter said:

The International Committee of the Red Cross is one of the foreign institutions that provided health services during three decades of war in Afghanistan.

Ito Rishtakar chairman of ICRC in Afghanistan says:

Medical staffs of Red Cross and Federation of Red Cross are facing serious threats.

He said:

“Both the government and armed insurgents are preventing health services to needy”.

According to him:

Health workers including doctors, nurses and other employees in this sector are threatened by the Taliban.

So far Afghan government officials have not commented in this regard.

Muhammad Naeem Deendar secretary General of Afghan Red Crescent Society says:

Afghan Red Crescent Society and Red Cross Federations are the only institutes that help Afghan citizens even in unexpected situations in Afghanistan.

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