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Hundreds protest against lack of electricity in Nangarhar

Wed May 30, 9:48 am

Hundreds of residents in eastern Nangahar protested Tuesday against the lack of electricity and incomplete construction of Kabul-Jalalabad and Jalalabad-Torkham roads.

The protestors rallied in Pashtonestan square of City Jalalabad and criticized the central government for neglecting mega useful projects.

The protestors said the central government had promised to supply electricity from Neghlu power dam to the Nangarhar residents, to construct the second motorway Kabul-Jalalabad and Jalalabad-Torkham for the freight vehicles and to strengthen through reconstruction the Behsood Bridge that is now in danger to collapse.

The demonstrators warned of expanding the protests if the projects were not launched.

The member of Nangarhar Provincial Assembly Javed Zaman confirmed the problems and accused the central government and the local authorities of neglecting the projects.

Deputy Nangarhar Governor Muhammad Hanif Gardiwal said they had already discussed the implementation of the projects with the central authorities and the efforts were underway.

The work on power transmission from Neghlu dam to the Nangarhar residents was started about two years ago but due to problems with the generators and water turbines the work halted. Similarly, the construction work of Kabul-Jalalabad and Jalalabad-Torkham roads was also started about two years ago but is now stopped for unknown reasons.

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